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Contrary to what you might think when scrolling down this page, this is not one of those websites that was created, updated for a while, and then forgotten all about by its creator.

Sarah Elgeti

Sarah Elgeti, as a musician and as composer, is known to combine the lyrical expression with the powerful and expressive.

In 2007 she founded the Sarah Elgeti Quintet, which since has thrilled audiences at numerous concerts. She also plays with a variety of other groups in Danmark and Germany.

Sarah Elgeti received the Holbæk Jazz-Award in 2008.

Releases on Your Favourite Jazz:

Kom til release med Sarah Elgeti...

Sarah Elgeti fejrer udgivelsen af sin nye CD "Into the Open" med koncerter i København og Holbæk. Alle er velkomne!

Meet us at MIDEM in Cannes

For the 3rd year in a row, Your Favourite Records and Your Favourite Jazz are attending the MIDEM fair in Cannes, France, starting tomorrow and running till the 25th of January. We're looking for distribution, licensing and synch of our always-expanding catalogue - and if you're also at MIDEM and want to say hi, you just stop by the Danish Booth (R36.09) and ask for us!

Søren Bebe Trio i Sao Paolo

Det Danske Kulturinstitut i Brasilien har, i samarbejde med SESC i São Paulo, arrangeret at Efterklang, Søren Bebe Trio og Jakob Davidsen Mangfoldighed kommer til Brasilien i slutningen af januar 2011 til en dansk mini musikfestival. De tre danske orkestre har fået en enestående mulighed for at spille i  Brasilien – og er oven i købet blevet hyret af en af de største kulturinstitutioner i landet, SESC. 

Scope Mag digs Soren Bebe Trio

American Scope Mag featured Soren Bebe Trio in their "Music up Close"-section in October, calling the trios work a.o. "(...) complex but not muddy, intense but not taxing, and, most of all extremely interesting to listen to". Read it here: http://skopemag.com/2010/10/12/music-up-close-october-2010#more-26202

Join Pernille Gunvad at DUP's Indie-cruise

Check DFDS website for tickets and more info

Sidsel Marie

Sidsel Marie does things her own way...period. Having always been drawn to things that were a little off beat, she gave up structured living to explore music internationally by touring Europe, America and Greenland playing a wide array of styles, from Greenlandic folk music to psychedelic shoegaze rock.


The music of Wolff/Angiuli/Fryland is founded in a solid knowledge of the tradition of jazz. But the trio also encapsulates a fresh approach to this old musical form – resulting in a lyrical and melancholic, yet at the same time energetic and intense sound.

Mads la Cour

The 26 year-old singer/guitarist/songwriter Mads La Cour has for years moved his audience with his original songs. Mads usually sings about the tragedies, challenges and happy moments in life using a twist of humor and he possesses a natural charm and raw talent.

The backing band, are musicians from the Copenhagen Rootsʼ environment, who also join Mads on the album "Har du hørt det".