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Jazznyt.dk's 2009-top 10 features with 2 YFR-releases

More good news... Jazzblogger Niels Overgaard of Jazznyt.Blogspot.com has published his 2009-favourites - and it features both Aggerbaeks "My Oh My" AND Rasmus Ehlers' "Trinity". Read more here: http://jazznyt.blogspot.com/2009/12/arets-10-1-bedste-danske-jazzplader.html

Roadtrip on Jazzblog's top 200

Roadtrip from the recently released "Trinity" by Rasmus Ehlers is on Jazzblogger Niels Overgaard's Top-200 along with a.o. Aggerbaek, Lars Winther Trio and Looter BeatsCheck it out here: http://jazznyt.blogspot.com/2009/11/jazznyt-200-nr_30.html

Big interview in "Overgrunden"

Danish book-magazine "Overgrunden" issue # 10 is out now, and features a long interview with Peer about the creation of his Kollektion. Read it here: http://www.overgrunden.dk/nr10/overgrunden_nr10web.pdf - or at your local book-store, library, book-cafe etc...

Digital extract of Kollektion online now

If you haven't already had the pleasure of experiencing Peer's cd/book Kollektion, we suggest you do so as soon as possible. Should you however, find yourself too far from an actual copy of the work, Peer has now published an extensive extract the 200+ page long book, on digital publishing-service Issuu. Check if out here: http://peer-kollektion.blogspot.com/2009/11/digitalt-uddrag-af-kollektion-bogen.html

Great review of Trinity on Jazznyt-blog

Jazznyt.blogspot.com's Niels Overgaard likes Rasmus Ehlers' new album, Trinity - and he likes it alot! Enough for you to want to pick it up right away...! http://jazznyt.blogspot.com/2009/11/strittende-og-prcis-rasmus-ehlers.html

Lars Winther new chairman of Danish Independent Labels

Lars Winther is the new chairman for DUP, the organization for the Danish Independent Record Labels. Read more about DUP and read the press-release at www.dup.nu

Sct. Peters Blues on Jazznyt's Top-200

This fall, Danish Jazzblogger Niels Overgaard is announcing 20 new posts on his "Jazz of the decade" list - and this week, the focus was on vocal-tracks. We're proud to point out that on the list you'll find Aggerbaek's "Sct. Peters Blues" from My Oh My - congratulations to Aggerbaek!http://jazznyt.blogspot.com/2009/11/jazznyt-200-nr_09.html

Guest-blog on BandBase.dk: Gigging in NY

Benjamin Aggerbaek has wrote a guest-blog on Danish music-community BandBase.dk about gigging in New York as a travelling musician - check it out here (Danish only): http://www.bandbase.dk/News/40714/Gaesteblog-Beginners-guide-til-gigs-i-New-York/