Your Favourite Records was founded in 2005 by pianist Lars Winther. Originally just planning to release his own albums, Lars soon realised that as he had a flair for all the different elements an album release consists of, he might as well help other hard-working artists release their music - after all, there's too much great music to play it all yourself.

In the period from 2005 to 2011, Your Favourite Records and sublabel Your Favourite Jazz released some 30 albums with many of the most interesting Danish jazz-, pop- and folk-artists of the time. While many of the artists went on to successfully pursue international careers, Lars Winther became the head of JazzDanmark in 2011, and subsequently put a pause to any further releases on the labels.

The back-catalogue, including names such as Rasmus Ehlers/George Garzone, Søren Bebe Trio, Sarah Elgeti, Aggerbæk, Pernille Gunvad and Astrid Nora - to name only a few - is distributed worldwide through VME Group (www.vme-group.com) and digitally through The Orchard (www.theorchard.com).

For any enquiries regarding catalogue, distribution etc, please contact Mr. Tom Jensen at VME Group

Please note that we are not signing new artists. Please don't send us demo's, mp3's, press-sheets and other material - it will not be read, listened to or considered. Thank you!