Claus Høxbroe og Årets Længste Dag

Claus Høxbroe & Årets Længste Dag is a joint-venture by beatpoet Claus Høxbroe (doh) and musicians Peter Tinning and Kasper Schulz. The three met (and clicked) during the 2009 Copenhagen Jazzfestival after which followed a couple of tours in Denmark and Sweden, and in turn, their debut "Nye Rytmer - live i studiet" (2010).

Høxbroes flow of words (Danish only, sorry!) blends with the improvised sounds of guitars, e-bow, mechanical toys, old ghettoblasters, percussion and much more - and creates a universe where you surely will never know what to expect, or what comes next...

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Nye Rytmer - live i studiet (2010)

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