BodaBoda Duo

BodaBoda Duo has existed since 2001 and the two members, Bjørn Heebøll and Jakob Thorkild Overgaard, are both very active personalities on the Danish music scene and take a powerful position in Copenhagen improv music.

Since 2001 the duo has played a very large number of concerts in Denmark and Sweden and has released two albums: BodaBoda Duo (2004) and Exotic Lifestyle (2006). Both albums come highly recommended by Danish music magazines such as Jazz Special, Geiger and DR.DK and both were released as limited editions.

BodaBoda Duo have collaborated with many other great musicians such as Jeppe Skjold (Slaraffenland), Mads Brauer (Efterklang), Mads Hyhne (Bug Powder), Anders Banke (New Jungle Orchestra), Sture Ericson and many more. In the African language Swahili BodaBoda means borderland and the duo consider themselves as working in the borderland between musical genres and creative artistic thought.

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The Rich and the Famous (2010)

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