Emil de Waal+

Danish composer and drummer Emil de Waals concept “Emil de Waal+” has been the international acclaimed artists project since 2004. Emil de Waal has produced four albums collaborating with experienced and well renowned producer Andy Green (Velvet Undreground, John Cale) and the Danish DJ/Producer Spejderrobot (Michael Elkjær) and with guests such as Kato Hideki, Erik Sanko and Wayne Horvitz.

After great reviews in British “The Wire”, Emil has toured intensely for several years around Scandinavia, Europe, USA and in the Far East. Performing in concert halls in cities such as Beijing, Tsingdao and Shanghai.

The concept of Emil de Waal’s music is combining the analogue approach of the instruments and the digital approach of the computer and the electronic drums. All the facets of the music are let loose, creating a floating style suspended in the unexplored sphere between free improvisations and the constant beat.

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Elguitar & Saxofon (2010)

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