Jazzblogger Niels Overgaard digs Your Favourite Jazz

jazznyt.blogspot.com's Niels Overgaard has compiled a list of the 20 best "single-tracks" from Danish jazz releases of the first half of 2010. 4 of the 20 are YFJ-releases, namely tracks from Soeren Bebe's "From Out Here", Emil de Waal+'s "Elguitar & Saxofon", Petrus Kapell's "A Call For Silence" and Lars Winther's "Big Band". Check out the list here: http://jazznyt.blogspot.com/2010/08/danske-jazzhits-2010-vol.html and go to iTunes and check out the tracks and albums here:Søren Bebe: From Out HereEmil de Waal+: Elguitar & SaxofonPetrus Kapell: A Call For SilenceLars Winther: Big Band