Sidsel Marie

Sidsel Marie does things her own way...period. Having always been drawn to things that were a little off beat, she gave up structured living to explore music internationally by touring Europe, America and Greenland playing a wide array of styles, from Greenlandic folk music to psychedelic shoegaze rock.

Throw in some good 'ole fashion heartache & heartbreak along the way and the world is presented, ”Celebrating an Imperfect Life”. On Celebrating an Imperfect Life, Sidsel Marie gives us a snapshot into her life – where the sound of music is raw and fragile.

Here the beauty lies in a battered out of tune guitar strumming over raw, expressive vocals. Don't expect to find too many unnecessary phrases that clutter and complicate the picture, because it's Sidsel's journey that's a complicated picture and she's here to tell ALL.

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Celebrating an Imperfect Life (2010)

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