This is not a graveyard... ;-)

Dear visitor,

Contrary to what you might think when scrolling down this page, this is not one of those websites that was created, updated for a while, and then forgotten all about by its creator.

In the period between 2005 and 2011, Your Favourite Records was one of the most active independent labels on the Danish music-scene (for more info, see About-section). However, to pursue other engagements, founder and director Lars Winther had to put a pause to the labels activities in 2011. This page was left as is to document the substantial back-catalogue and the many activities of the artists released on the labels.

While no releases are planned on YFR/YJF for the time being, by far the most of the artists who have released on the labels are still active, both on the Danish and the International scene. And the catalogue is available to listeners as well as retailers - physically through VME Group and digitally through The Orchard.

So, for now - thanks for this time, and please help the music to live on!


Lars Winther