Your Favourite Jazz

Your Favourite Jazz is the jazz-subsidiary of Your Favourite Records.
Dedicated to bringing you the most interesting of the young, booming
danish jazz-scene, we're proud to present a variety of extraordinary music:
the mellow, laid-back melancholic tones, known as "nordic jazz"
the young, hip, edgy sounds of nu-jazz
the heart-warming crooner-vibes with a touch of todays folk
and much, much more... enjoy


Sarah Elgeti: Into The Open

Wolff, Angiuli, Fryland: Prelude

Rasmus Ehlers ft. George Garzone: As Played by Ear

Emil de Waal+: Elguitar & Saxofon

BodaBoda Duo: The Rich and the Famous

Claus Høxbroe & Årets Længste Dag: Nye Rytmer...

Petrus Kapell: A Call For Silence

Lars Winther: Big Band

Søren Bebe Trio: From Out Here

Rasmus Ehlers: Trinity

Aggerbæk: My Oh My

Cordelia: At The Pink Pony

Borderline Ensemble ft. T.S. Høeg: Beware

Looter Beats: The Legend of the Brown Baron

Lima Lima: Oh Mighty Thought-control

Exil: Porntip

Rasmus H Thomsen: Se

Aggerbæk Kvintet: Back In Town

Lars Winther: Nordic By Nature

Lars Winther: LIVE_2005